Biker rescues kitten stuck in the road in the Philippines


This is the heartwarming moment a kind cyclist rescued a stray kitten she found lost on a pavement by a road.

Nikki Fuerte was riding her bicycle when she noticed the confused male moggie wandering by the concrete in Taguig City, the Philippines on July 6.

As she pulled over, the cat went near her and started brushing his fur on the woman’s leg appearing to be asking for help so she carried him and placed him on a safe spot by the pavement.

However, the kitten kept on walking up to her like he was asking to be taken home so the cyclist placed him inside her jacket before riding home with the cat.

The cyclist said: ‘I could not just live him there because it was dangerous. He could be run over by cars if he tried to cross the road.

‘I already took him home but I would look for friends or families who would want to adopt him because I have two Husky dogs at home.’

The moggie was generally healthy and given food upon arriving home. He now lives with the woman until someone took him for adoption.