Brother, 8, and sister, 7, both killed after being electrocuted at home in Thailand


Two children died from electrocution after accidentally touching a metal sheet wall that is exposed to a live wire.

The girl, Tonkao Lekmaethep, seven, and her older brother Oat, eight, were found unconscious inside their home in Nakhon Ratchasima on January 16.

Police said that an exposed wire had touched a corrugated tin sheet at the back of their house and electrocute them.

Police Colonel Manop Puchchong said: ‘Their house was unfinished and it has a makeshift kitchen at the back that had been made with wood and metal sheets.’

The kids were happily dancing in the back when Tonkao sat down for a moment.

However, her brother noticed she started to shake upon resting her back on the wall.

The boy, Oat, tried to help his sister by pulling her away from the metal but he was electrocuted as well.

One of their siblings came looking for them almost half an hour later and saw them collapsed at the back of the house.

The terrified boy shouted for help and the children’s father, Pirat, 35, called the emergency services for help.

The paramedics tried to revive the two but were unresponsive so they took them to Pak Chong Nana Hospital but were declared dead upon arrival.

Police officers investigated the scene and found an exposed wire at the corner of the metal sheet.

The wire was covered in clumps of electrical tape which apparently peeled off overtime while being hidden in the corner.

Police Colonel Manop Puchchong said the impoverished father did not have money for funeral arrangements so they made some donations.

He said: ‘The accident was very unfortunate. We helped out a little so the children can be laid to rest.’

A funeral was prepared for the children two days later (January 17) with the help of their kind neighbours.

Father Pirat said: ‘I don’t have the money to pay for the funeral. I only earn 400 Baht a day as a gardener.’