Drone pilot builds miniature ‘F-16 fighter plane’ to do stunts over park in Singapore

A drone pilot built a model F-16 fighter plane to do stunts over a park in Singapore.

The miniature aircraft was attached to a drone camera that recorded it as it flew over Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park on July 10.

First-person drone footage, also known as FPV, shows the toy warplane zooming through the sky, providing an immersive bird’s eye view of the park’s greenery and waterways.

Drone pilot Victor Wan said he thought of filming the toy plane stunts when he saw a similar video from another drone operator in Pakistan.

He fished out his F-16 plane scale model, mounted it onto his drone, and fitted it with strings and a carbon fibre rod to stablise it during flight, when it reportedly reaches about 20 to 30kph.

Victor added that he plans to paint the plane and add other modifications in the future.