Birds from Serbia seen in Thailand enjoying warmer winter climes


Migratory birds from Serbia were seen perched on trees around an island in Thailand as they escaped from cool winter temperatures to enjoy the tropics.

Soldiers found the feathered animals – including sandpipers and redshanks – hunting fish off Ko Libong Island in Trang province on Monday (Jan 18).

Chaiyaprut Weerawong, head of Ko Libong Wildlife No Hunting Area Coordination Center, said the birds are taking refuge in the island until the cold season ends.

He said: ‘They are temporarily staying here where the weather is perfect for them to hunt. The birds are mostly from Siberia.’

The environmentalist also encouraged tourists to visit the island so they can enjoy birdwatching while the animals are still in the country.

He said: ‘Seeing these birds are a special experience and they only come here seasonally so it will be great for tourists if they come and see them now.’

Ko Libong island is a popular feeding area for birds as it has rich wildlife such as worms, shrimps, fish, and crabs that can sustain their food.

Birds on the island including the sandpiper, lesser sand plover, greater sand plover, oriental plover, crab-plover, red knot, common redshank, dunlin, and bar-tailed godwit.

The birds will stay in Koh Lubong until April before returning to Siberia in spring for the warmer season.