Ranting female anti-masker removed from American Airlines flight in Virginia

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r65lxp3rd1w7kel/VRP4703.mp4?dl=0

A woman was removed by police from a plane after refusing to wear a mask and ranting about it onboard.

The incident happened in an American Airlines flight bound to Virginia from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport on January 11.

In the video recorded by one of the passengers, the woman was seen standing on the aisle next to her seat while shouting, ‘If we don’t stand up it’s only gonna get worse!’

The woman allegedly became defensive when staff asked her to wear a mask while boarding the plane.

Bizarrely, she had a face mask around her neck but not covering her mouth while she was complaining.

Passenger Emir Sfaxi claimed that the woman only calmed down when a policeman wearing civilian clothes intervened.

He said: ‘She was yelling and gave a speech about ‘tyranny.’ The passengers in neighbouring rows moved.’

When the plane landed, officers from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police escorted her out.

The other passengers cheered as the woman, this time wearing a black mask, was guided by two airport cops out of the aircraft.

Officers said the woman has been placed on an internal travel restriction list while investigations are ongoing.

American Airlines said in statement: ‘The flight crew on board American flight 2198 reported a customer disturbance while en route from Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). Following multiple requests to comply with mandatory face covering requirements, one passenger stood up and began yelling at flight attendants and surrounding customers. Federal Air Marshals intervened to help deescalate and maintain control of the situation for the duration of the flight. The aircraft landed without further incident and was met on arrival by Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.’