Furious Thai man rampages through phone shop after they cut signal over unpaid bill

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ok80d54yqvfr00/VRP47143.mp4?dl=0

This is the moment a furious Thai man rampaged through a phone shop after they cut his signal over unpaid bills.

Satachol Chatapha, 33, was struggling to pay the monthly bill for his smartphone and went to a shop to plead for another couple of weeks to scrape together the money in Chonburi province, Thailand on July 15.

However, when the staff refused his request and maintained to cut his calls and internet connection, Satachol allegedly flew into a rage and screamed at the terrified assistants.

Shocking footage shows the angry man throwing boxes and destroying property inside the store as the security alarm blared.

Onlooker Chamnan Suansri said: ‘I heard things being smashed inside the shop and I thought somebody was being attacked. The man was so angry. He was shouting and saying bad things to the staff. I was worried he would attack people.’

Witnesses said the man was throwing different objects such as phones and tablets across the room, breaking the shelves and storage boxes before being arrested by the department store’s security.

The store manager said that the Satachol caused about 700,000 (22,000 GBP) baht worth of damage – while his phone bill was only 1,273.07 baht.

Satachol was arrested and later apologised for the damage. He said that after not paying for the phone bill for two months he visited the store to request a grace period for repayment but was refused by the store employee. 

He said: ‘I lost my temper. I had no money to pay for the bill and tried explaining to the store people but nobody would listen to me. I am willing to go to jail for whatever I did.’

Police in the Si Racha district were called to the shopping mall and arrested Satachol on suspicion of causing damage to property. He was taken to the station and questioned.

Police captain Maluli Kamkong said: ‘The suspect has been arrested and will be prosecuted. We are still investigating the incident.’