American ex-pat builds bizarre half-bike, half-car in the Philippines


Amusing footage shows an American driving his bizarre customised half-bike half-car.

The unusual ride was spotted driving in front of a school in Angeles City, the Philippines, on January 12.

It was powered by a motorcycle at the back attached to the front half of a car, which can carry up to two people including the driver.

Onlooker Marlon Rigor said the wacky vehicle was built by an ex-pat named Mike Smith who likes to customise cars.

He said: ‘It’s very nice and I was amazed when I saw it. The driver Mike was a great guy.’

Another resident, Gerald Bayan, who captured a nine-second video of the custom vehicle, said he was stunned by the driver’s creativity.

He said: ‘I feel like he just made that car to enjoy the ride and become safe from the virus. He is intelligent.’