Colorado rangers save starving bear with bucket stuck on head


This is the moment Colorado rangers remove a chicken-feed bucket from around a tranquilised bear’s neck after it had been trapped with it for over a week.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Headquarters found the skinny bear with its head stuck in the chicken feeder for at least one week, leaving it unable to eat in that time.

The female bear was first seen with a 10lb hanging chicken feeder on its neck on July 6 in the foothills near the city of Boulder. They rescued the animal a week later.

A CPW official said: ‘That bucket had been on its head for at least one week before wildlife officers were able to free her of it.’

Rangers found the bear climbing a tree and tranquilised it to safely remove the chicken feeder.

The CPW added that the skinny bear might even have been in the bucket-like feeder for longer than they had seen.

A spokesman said: ‘The bear was a little thin for a yearling at this time of year, but otherwise in good body condition when released.’

In order to wake it up from the tranquiliser, the rangers had to shout loudly and when this did the trick it bolted off into the woods.

The organisation added: ‘Bears will work hard to get the calories they need, and can easily damage property, vehicles, and homes.

‘Bears that become aggressive in their pursuit of an easy meal must often be destroyed.’

They also said that residents should ‘be responsible’ with their domestic waste and bird feeders, recommending to only use feeders when bears hibernate.

The CPW added that a fawn was found trapped in a similar chicken feeder in November 2020 and rangers had to cut it free.