Motorcycle rider climbs into dirty canal to help stranded kitten


This is the heartwarming moment a motorcycle rider climbed down dirty a canal to help a stranded kitten.

Sawan Pungcharoen, 37, was making a delivery when he spotted the tiny ginger kitten standing on a ledge to a canal in Bangkok, central Thailand, on July 16.

The kind rider pulled over to take the stray but the frightened animal thought the man was a threat so it ran away and fell into the water by accident.

To save the kitten, Sawan rolled up his jeans and climbed down. He waded into the filthy water and pulled the cat up to safety.

Sawan said: ‘When I saw the small kitten running away I knew it was my responsibility to save it. I’m happy it was not hurt and safe now.’

A resident who watched the rider save the kitten offered to adopt it and named it Boonshuay. It was given some food and water before being cleaned.

As the rider had been dirtied with the canal water, he had to go home and clean up first before taking another food delivery but despite affecting his daily income, Sawan said saving the kitten was worth it.

He added: ‘It gave me satisfaction to help the animal. No amount of money could compare to it. I am relieved that the cat has a family now.’