Cow stuck in septic tank rescued in Thailand


A hapless cow was rescued after she was stuck in a septic tank in northeastern Thailand.

The female cow was feeding on grass and drinking water when it accidentally tripped and fell into a cesspit in Nakhon Ratchasima province on July 19.

It was later discovered under the 4ft hole by resident Pranee Munjit, 45, upon hearing the animal make strange sounds at the back of her house.

Pranee then called the animal rescuers for help which helped pull the cow from the pit full of smelly and dark sludge.

She said: ‘I remember seeing the cow walking to the back of my house. There’s grass and water there so I thought she would only eat but then I heard her cry and thought something bad must have happened.’

The local rescue team arrived at the scene a few moments after being notified by Pranee before two volunteers climbed down and tied the cow’s body using a rope.

For almost an hour the team struggled to drag the heavy female cow up from the pit as the tank was smelly and muddy.

In the end, the team managed to pull up the worn out cow to safety. It was checked for injuries but the animal was generally healthy aside from being tired.

Pranee said: ‘I was worried they might not be able to pull her up because she is heavy but they were able to so I am happy now.’