Vets treat monitor lizard with broken skull after being hit by car

Caring vets treated an injured monitor lizard with a broken skull that was left for dead on the roadside by a suspected hit-and-run driver.

Rescue volunteers took the animal to a clinic after it was found bloodied and struggling to move in the middle of a road in Bangkok, Thailand on July 9.

Medics at the Panalai Veterinary Hospital examined the reptile and found severe fractures across its skull as well as a torn vein near its tongue.

They treated the injured creature with antibiotics to avoid infections of its deep wounds and other medicines and is now in condition after being in a coma.

Vet ​​Benchapol Lorsunyaluck said: ‘The monitor lizard was in a coma when it was brought to us. The lizard’s condition is slowly improving after the treatment.’

The creature was believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run incident and was left to die until locals found it bloodied but still moving.

Authorities are now trying to find the vehicle that hit the animal and reminded motorists to report similar incidents to them instead of running off.

A rescue officer said: ‘The lizard could have died if not for locals who contacted us. Everything could have been easier if it was reported earlier. We remind motorists to always be careful and contact us in similar incidents.’

The reptile is still recovering at the clinic and is being monitored by vets regularly.