Huge python caught hiding in family’s ceiling


This is the scary moment a huge python was caught in a family’s ceiling in central Thailand.

The 10ft-long snake was believed to have nested in the wooden beams to easily hunt pigeons resting on the old home’s roof in Ang Thong province.

Shocked elderly house owner Sompot Boonim, 79, found the creature in the act of swallowing a bird through the gaps on July 20.

Sompot rushed out of the house as the animal appeared huge and called the neighbours for help who contacted the rescue team.

She said: ‘Right when I saw how big the snake was, I called the neighbours for help. It was so big and I thought the animal could easily attack me.’

When the rescue team arrived, the python was found hanging its head down from the ceiling, having a hard time moving as it was still full from its last meal.

The volunteers then had to remove some of the panels on the ceiling as the snake tried to evade them by hiding on the secluded part of the roof.

Using a pole, the animal was pulled to one of the holes and dragged out by two volunteers using bare hands. The snake was then secured inside a sack.

No one was reported hurt in the incident including the snake that was released by the team back into the wild.