Defiant couple continue with wedding as TYPHOON batters them in the Philippines


A defiant couple pushed through with their beach wedding during a typhoon in the Philippines.

The intimate wedding venue had been prepared at a beachfront resort overlooking the sea in Nasugbo, Batangas province on July 19.

However, instead of a romantic sunset, typhoon In-fa greeted the pair with strong winds and heavy rain on their special day.

As the heavy downpour ruined the venue, confused guests rushed to shelter under huts except for the couple and their entourage who huddled around them as they exchanged their vows during the ceremony.

Guest Reno Payas said: ‘At first everything was perfect but when it rained the venue was ruined. I thought the wedding would be postponed but I was amazed.

‘The couple was determined to be married and their friends were very supportive about it. Their plan did not go as expected but at least they had a memorable day.’

After the ceremony, the wedding reception followed at a nearby restaurant despite the couple and their entourage being wet from the rain.

Typhoon In-fa, locally named Fabian, brought heavy rains to the northeastern side of the country heading to Japan while Cempaka was on the west heading to China – both intensifying the southwest monsoon.