Cobra tangled in net fence rescued in Thailand


A hapless cobra tangled in a net fence was saved in Thailand.

The 4ft-long creature was hunting for chickens for dinner at a farm when it was caught in an enclosure’s net in And Thong province on July 21.

It was discovered by the farmer in the morning who found the wary and hungry snake struggling to free itself from the net.

The farmer Supanee Mechaiyo, 47, then called the animal rescuers for help as she did not want to handle the venomous creature on her own.

Supanee said: ‘I felt bad for the snake so I called for help when I saw it. I think it was trying to hunt my chickens but it was trapped.

‘It was not able to eat any of my chickens though because it entered an empty coop and was stuck in the net as it was trying to move out.’

When the team arrived, a volunteer slowly secured the animal’s neck before cutting the net around it while his colleague held its body.

After several hours of being restrained in the net, the cobra appeared to have been too tired and did not resist being handled by the team. 

It was checked for injuries but the snake was healthy aside from being dehydrated so it was given water in an enclosure before the team released it into the wild.