Injured black bear rescued from rocks next to river


An injured black bear was rescued after it was found sheltering on rocks next to a river.

The five-year-old male bear, believed to have been injured after falling from a cliff, was spotted by locals sleeping beneath a rock crevice in Prachinburi province, Thailand on July 21.

Concerned onlookers contacted wildlife officers to check on the animal who arrived with veterinarians and began the rescue operation.

The bear appeared frightened and tried to evade the team until it was shot with a tranquillizer gun and medics provided first aid to its broken hip bone.

One of the rescuers said: ‘The bear was injured and afraid so it tried to keep away from the team. We did not want to scare it further so we tried to lure it with food.

‘It was a bit difficult to catch because despite its wounds the bear was still strong enough. It could still hurt people so we had to be careful.’

The volunteers spent an hour before they cornered the bear and the vets were able to provide first aid treatment on the animal.

After being checked, it was rushed by the team to the local wildlife rescue centre where it would be given further treatment by medics.

Despite being in stable condition, the vets advised that the animal be held for recovery at the facility before it could be released.