Grieving stray dog buries its dead puppies hit by a car


This is the heartbreaking moment a grieving stray dog buried her dead puppies after they were hit by a car.

The mother dog was searching for food and left her pups while they were sleeping at an abandoned park in Samut Prakan province on July 10.

However, while the adult pooch was away the puppies woke up hungry and wandered onto the side of the road looking for their mother where they were hit by a passing car.

Upon discovering her newborns, the female dog grabbed the dead puppies back onto the vacant lot where a resident found them together.

Resident Thichanan Apiwatwongcharoen, 43, said: ‘It breaks my heart to witness what this stray dog was going through. When she followed and started pushing the dirt down the hole I almost cried.’

Thichanan dug the hole for the dead puppies but before she could take the puppies from their mother, the adult pooch placed her babies in and pushed dirt into the pit using her nose.

The kind local then gave the mother dog some food and fresh water as she was apparently hungry. Thichanan added she created a makeshift house for the dog in her yard.

She said: ‘The dog would have a place to stay in my yard, I placed some food and water there to lure her into staying so it would be safer for her.’