Buddhist monk pimps his motorcycle with speakers attached to the sides

A biking Buddhist monk customised his motorcycle with huge stereo speakers that blast loud music while he is riding.

Tanpuvarit Chotipanyo said he saw a similar bike with speakers at a Buddhist ceremony in Chumphon province, southern Thailand, where newly ordained monks gathered.

The bike had a built-in audio system, which was used to parade around the chapel, so he had the idea of creating the same version – but with bigger speakers. 

He upgraded his second-hand Honda Wave motorcycle worth 10,000 Baht (250 GBP) to have an audio system worth 70,000 Baht (1,700 GBP)

The two-wheeler was taken to a custom bike shop along with his prized speakers where the mechanics took them two weeks to finish customisation. It even has a digital display on the handlebars which uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone to choose songs.

Monk Tanpuvarit said that the audio on the bike might not be as loud as the ones normally used during big events, but he believes it can be used effectively as a parade automobile.

Parade cars are often used to celebrate Thai weddings and other events, so he said that you can always plug in a microphone on the bike to sing. 

Tanpuvarit said: “After my bike was done, there was a wedding at the chapel. People were amazed and took selfies with it.”

He added that some people were interested in buying the bike but he refused to sell the unique two-wheeler.

Tanpuvarit said: “Many people wanted to buy the bike, but I would like to keep it for using as a parade vehicle for the benefit of the community.”