Overloaded truck sways along road in Thailand

This is the shocking moment an overloaded truck was seen swaying on the road in Thailand.

A passing driver recorded the vehicle dangerously driving along Nakhon Si Thammarat province on December 30.

The truck was loaded at the back with tattered sacks filled with scrap materials

They were tied together using a rope but are secured loosely and swayed dangerously while the truck moved.

The filmer said that when the vehicle reached the Sapanyao Bridge, the truck allegedly sped up to 70km per hour which made the other motorists fear for their safety.

He said: “Aside from the heavy baggage, the truck was driving too fast for its size. We worried about having an accident but we can’t make him stop.

“There are many instances in which I see an overloaded truck on this road. I am scared an accident will occur.”

He added that many drivers watching were scared that the sack would fall onto their cars and cause a collision.

The footage was submitted to the Sala Police Station as evidence to reckless driving and the investigations began.

Other witnesses who saw the truck said to the police that the truck would keep swaying everytime it changes direction.

The police are still investigating the incident and identity of the truck driver.