Bungling thieves caught on CCTV trying to steal ATM in a pick-up truck

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqhzqhxpml0u863/VRP49863.mp4?dl=0

Bungling thieves were caught on CCTV trying to steal an ATM using a pickup truck.

One of the men – assumed to be the group’s lookout – arrived in front of a shop on his motorcycle appearing to check the situation in Samut Sakhon province on July 25 evening.

After signalling to companions that everything was clear, a pickup truck carrying three other men arrived before one of them climbed down and hooked a rope around the machine.

The pickup truck drove off soon as they thought that the machine was secured but it fell instead as it was tightly wired to the store causing the frantic thieves to flee in panic.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chumphon Chatsanguanchai said officers are now searching for the suspects.

He added: ‘We have contacted the Bank of Ayudhya to inspect the damaged machine and have it fixed.

‘Our forensic officers will also be looking for hidden fingerprints and trace the pickup truck through the CCTV cameras we have on the streets.’

Nothing was stolen from the shop but the ATM was damaged from being reeled in by the pickup truck. The machine was checked for evidence before being taken by the bank for repair.

The thieves were still unidentified and the investigations on the incident is still onging.