Wedding guests carry bride through flooded road after typhoon in the Philippines


This is the heartwarming moment supportive wedding guests carried a bride across a flooded road to reach the church for the wedding in the Philippines.

The group was initially riding a sedan on the way to the ceremony but the driver asked them to walk instead because the knee-deep deluge could damage the engine in Nasugbu, Batangas province, on July 24.

As the bride’s gown was too long, the couple’s friends and relatives offered to carry her while the groom waded on the muddy water behind them, careful not to ruin his red suit.

They walked for almost half a kilometre before reaching the church and the couple was able to finish the wedding ceremony as planned.

One of the guests Jheric Ventura Aguila said: ‘We were happy that the wedding was successful despite the bad weather. It was a memorable day for our friend.’

Provinces in the Luzon island were flooded after typhoon In-fa battered the region and left massive agricultural damage before heading to China to make landfall in Zhejiang province red flood alert were raised.

In-fa was a large and damaging tropical cyclone that brought large amounts of rainfall and record flooding to China while also impacting Taiwan, the Philippines and even the Ryukyu Islands in Japan.