Road rage driver attacks another vehicle with a samurai sword


This is the terrifying moment a road rage driver attacked another vehicle with a samurai sword.

The black Ford pickup truck and the white Honda civic collided while travelling through rush hour traffic in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 28.

Shocked motorists watched as the driver emerged from the truck with a gun before his passenger climbed onto the roof of the wrecked car and waved a samurai sword.

Officers arrived at the scene and arrested the driver, who was found to be an off-duty policemen, Senior Sergeant Major Adisorn, 44, from the Samut Prakan district. His friend, Chakrin, 38, was also arrested.

Lieutenant Colonel Charin Im-em from the Prawet district police said the officer and the second driver involved in the crash had been charged with motoring offences. Chakrin, the samurai sword waving passenger, was charged with assault and criminal damage.

The cop added: ‘The two cars were driving aggressively and bumped each other. There was then a larger crash and an argument between the drivers. They will all be dealt with according to the law and they will resolve the costs of the damage to their cars themselves.’