Firemen remove a ring that was stuck on man’s finger for two years


A ring stuck on a man’s finger was finally removed after he endured pain and a swollen finger for TWO YEARS.

Sataporn Naksri, 38, bought the ring online in 2019 that was too small for him but he wore anyway in Ratchaburi province, Thailand.

On January 19, the hapless man could no longer stand the pain of the ring crushing his bones so he tried to remove it himself.

He lathered soap around his finger in an attempt to make the ring slip out, but without success.

Sataporn decided to visit the hospital when his finger had become swollen and painful to move.

The medics checked on the ring and tried to remove it, but it was too thick and they did not have the proper equipment.

To help him out, they called the firefighters for help who arrived with steel cutting tools.

The rescue volunteers placed a piece of metal between his skin and the ring before grinding it using the cutting tool.

His finger started bleeding as the ring rubbed deeper into his skin while being cut away.

After almost half an hour, the ring was removed and Sataporn felt relieved after years of enduring the pain.

He said: ‘I will never wear a ring again. My experience has been so traumatic and I don’t want to repeat it.’

One of the rescuers, Wilai Wongprasert, said they usually receive similar cases so they want to remind people to be careful with wearing accessories.

He said: ‘We get two to three cases per month from people who try to wear a ring that’s too small for them.

‘Some even buy rings for their elderly parents who are ill and aren’t able to communicate that their fingers were hurting.’

‘People should not try to remove the ring by themselves once they feel pain in their fingers. They should go to the hospital to get them removed.’

Sataporn was given first aid treatment for the wounds on his finger and returned home after thanking the rescuers.