Escaped horses block road causing traffic chaos in northern Thailand


Three escaped horses blocked a road causing chaos in northern Thailand.

The animals wandered into a shopping centre after breaking out of their enclosure in a Buddhist temple’s garden in Uthai Thani province on July 15.

When the horses were still young, they were given as gifts to the Wat Khong temple so locals were familiar with them and helped them move out of the road.

However, motorists were caught in a traffic jam as they had to be careful not to startle the animals by making way for them while keeping their distance.

Onlooker Nicha Worein said: ‘The horses are normally very friendly but they liked to come out of the temple to wander in the surrounding areas. I think they liked socialising with people.’

No one was reported hurt in the incident and the horses were unharmed as well but officers had to help ease the traffic jam.

The horses were later returned to the temple by local officials and some concerned residents before the monks thanked and apologised to them.