Stray dog stranded in canal rescued by passing worker


This is the heartwarming moment a kind worker rescued a dog that fell in a canal.

Dhen Erissos Dimapilis was inspecting a telecom tower site with colleagues when they heard a puppy crying in Laguna province, the Philippines on July 31.

The worker searched the area for the sound and saw the tiny black pooch clinging to rocks as it was stuck on a dirty canal.

Worried that it could drown or be washed away, Dhen took a long material and scooped up the weary animal to safety.

He said: ‘While we were walking to the site, we heard a faint cry so I looked around. I saw the dog struggling to swim. I wanted to climb down but the dog was too far so I looked for something long to pull it with.

‘Fortunately, there was an iron on the construction site. We were relieved that the dog was still alive when we found it.’

The pooch – unhurt from being stuck for at least an hour – was cleaned up and fed before being taken to a nearby village where a resident volunteered to take care of it.