Indonesian man, 46, unrecognisable after mystery disease makes his face melt


An Indonesian man was left unrecognisable after suffering from a mysterious disease that ‘made his face melt’.

Mas Pur, 46, noticed a soft lump growing behind his ear when he was 12-years-old which gradually spread across his check and covered his face while living in East Java province.

Decades later, the man’s face is now covered by clusters of tumours hanging on loose skin appear to be melting.

The sick man said he could not afford to see the doctors because no one would accept him to work in farms ‘because they are scared of his face’.

He said: ‘I would like to finally have my face checked by a doctor but I don’t even have money for food. I applied to farms and construction sites as a labourer but they all rejected me.

‘Some of them were scared of my face, others think I am contagious. There were some places who did not want to accept me because I might bring them bad luck.’

As his vision and breathing have been affected by the loose skin covering his face, kind neighbours give him food to help him survive in his small wooden shack.

To show gratitude, Mas will help his neighbours feed their goats with grass and do small chores in their farms for free.

He said: ‘I am also ashamed have everyone helping me, especially my neighbors, because I feel like I am a burden to them. I hope someone could help me cure my condition so I can live a normal life.’

Concerned locals are now doing a fund-raiser for Mas so he cam finally receive treatment from specialists. His condition remains unknown until he can be checked by doctors.