Rogue wild monkey terrorises market town in Thailand


Two rogue wild monkeys terrorised a market town in central Thailand.

The primates were reportedly roaming the area for about two days before they were caught stealing fruits from a stall in Ang Thong province on August 3.

To evade the vendors, the clever animals would balance up powerlines and walk on roofs especially after taking food from riders or passersby.

Some of the market traders left food and drinks for the delinquent duo so they no longer needed to steal but the cheeky animals still preferred sneaking in people’s baskets and taking their goods.

Motorcycle delivery rider Chiab Chedchai, 62, said: ‘The monkeys came out of nowhere. It’s been two days since these two have been irritating people in the market.

‘I’m guessing it jumped onto one of the fruit delivery trucks from a different province and hopped down at the market to find food.’

The monkeys were already reported to local officials but they were yet to conduct a rescue operation for the wild animals.

Data from the Wildlife Conservation Office reported that more than a hundred thousand monkeys had entered the residential areas in around 50 provinces making noise, eating crops, destroying garbage bins, and biting people.

A government agency study showed that tourists feeding monkeys were one of the key factors resulting in overpopulation as most food that they consumed had a high quantity of carbohydrates causing a change in their eating habits and a higher sexual drive.

Officials are now considering creating a ‘monkey colony’ project or moving the animals to an island over the past two years as an alternative to mass sterilisation.