Driver finds baby python curled up in car engine


A driver found a baby python curled up inside a car engine in central Thailand.

Tanom Pleantong, 62, lifted the bonnet to check the engine before leaving home but he was surprised to find a 3.2ft-long baby python sleeping inside in Ang Thong province on July 30.

As the creature appeared tame, he used a stick to scare it away and watched as the snake crawled to the ground and slithered away.

However, later in the evening, Tanom walked by his car and saw the same snake entering the engine again so he called the rescued team for help.

He said: ‘I thought I was able to make the snake leave. I drove my car and then parked in front of the house but the snake waited for me and returned to hide in the car again.

‘I think it liked my car’s engine because it was warm and comfortable inside. The baby must have been looking for a place to sleep at night.’

When the rescue team arrived, they pulled up the car hood and found the snake still curled up on the same spot. The female volunteer stuck her hand in and pulled the baby python out within a few minutes.

Rescue team members kept the snake in a sack and later released it to the wild.