Crowds surge forwards for Covid-19 vaccine in the Philippines


This is the chaotic moment a crowd awaiting vaccination surged forward to get their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine in the Philippines.

Footage shows a swarm of people flocking to a vaccination site in Las Pinas City on August 5. Roselyn Enovidad, who also lined up for the vaccine, said authorities stationed at the hospital were unable to marshal the massive crowd.

She added: ‘I was in the middle of a group of men who were trying to remove the security line. I was scared because some people were getting hurt.’

Multiple vaccination sites across Metro Manila were also packed with walk-ins trying to get inoculated a day before a scheduled metro-wide lockdown in the country’s capital.

The planned vaccination was reportedly cancelled later on due to violations of social distancing rules.

The Philippine Department of Health recorded 8,172 new infections on August 5 while the number of active cases rose to 66,895. Meanwhile, at least 21,883,781 doses of various vaccines have been administered so far.