Sky turns red in Susanville as Dixie fire hits California


This is the terrifying moment the sky turned red as the Dixie Fire hit a town in California.

Susanville resident Lizz Ehrenpreis travelled through the apocalyptic landscape as she evacuated from the town on August 6.

The eerie sky was also overcast with orange clouds while ash and charred debris rained down from above.

She said: ‘[This is] the sky in Susanville right now. It’s still raining ash and there’s charred wood and leaves blowing across the ground. This is so bleak.’

Firefighters are still struggling to contain the Dixie Fire, which started on July 14 and has ripped through nearly 500,000 acres of land, including the historic gold rush town of Greenville. Thousands of residents have been displaced in what has become the second-largest wildfire in California history.