Anti-vaccine pass demonstrators march with their children in Strasbourg, France


Anti-vaccine passport demonstrators marched with their children in Strasbourg, France, amid a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections in the country.

Footage shows unmasked protesters, some with minors in tow, carrying French flags and picket signs as they gathered in a plaza on August 7.

Drums, trumpets and whistles could also be heard blaring in the background as they walked together across the city.

Similar movements have sprung up in Italy, with protesters saying the obligatory health passes are an alleged infringement of their civil liberties.

The vaccination cards contain a person’s Covid-19 data, including vaccination status and test results. These passports would be required before anyone could enter public areas including supermarkets, restaurants, museums, and sports stadiums.

Similar controversy has been seen in the UK where ministers suggested vaccine passports could become mandatory in nightclubs.