Brave woman crosses busy highway during rainstorm to help stranded kitten


A brave woman crossed a busy highway during a rainstorm to help a stranded kitten during a storm.

Nurse Pawitra Pitchayakul was driving along an expressway when she noticed the moggie trapped in the middle of traffic in Bangkok, Thailand on  July 30.

Despite the bad weather – strong wind and heavy rain – the Good Samaritan driver decided to pull over and rushed to save the cat before it could be hit by passing motorists.

Footage shows the kind nurse waiting to cross the busy road before approaching to rescue the confused animal on the other side.

Pawitra said: ‘When I saw the cat, I did not think twice about taking it because I knew that it would not survive the highway with that weather.

‘It’s either the cat would starve to death or be ran over by cars so I took my chance and rescued the kitten on the other side of the road.’

Pawitra took the kitten home and decided to adopt it before naming it Nong. The animal was unhurt aside from being dehydrated so it was given some food and water.