Monkeys huddle together to stay warm during cold spell in Thailand


Monkeys huddled together outside a Buddhist temple to keep themselves warm during a cold spell in Thailand.

The gang of primates were shivering at Prang Sam Yod temple grounds as the temperature in Lopburi province plunged to 16 degrees Celsius on January 17.

The monkeys sat together in a bunch so their fur would keep each other warm as the cold wind blew.

A mother monkey was also seen tucking a little baby in its arms so it can comfortably sleep.

They usually emerge from the nearby forests and beg the tourists for snacks, but this time the creatures came for the sunlight to warm their bodies.

Even when people approached them to take a photo, the sunbathing animals did not break the line and stayed beside each other.

One of the residents who lived near the temple said the monkeys have not been rowdy since the cold season started.

He said: ‘They just sat there waiting for the sun to come out. They are not as naughty as usual.’

State meteorologist Phuwiang Prakhammin said that winter will be colder and longer than previous years. He expected the cool season to last for approximately 122 days until mid-February, with average lows of 20C to 21C nationwide throughout the entire season, however, temperatures are much lower in northern parts of Thailand.