Brave teenager risks his life to save dog during typhoon


A brave teenager risked his life to save a drowning dog during a typhoon.

Angelo Junior, 16, was with neighbours when he spotted the puppy was trapped in an overflowing canal in Laguna province, the Philippines on July 24.

Despite the bad weather, the youngster removed his shirt and ran barefoot towards the edge of the canal and carefully approached the crying pooch.

As he tried to reach the dog, it swam towards him after appearing to have sensed that he was trying to help until he was able to push it towards safety.

Onlooker Margole Miko Ilagan said: ‘It was very dangerous and the rain was heavy that day. The boy really wanted to save the dog.

‘All of his neighbours were also watching and shouting for him to take care. He was smart and knew what he was doing and quickly saved the animal.’

After the rescue operation, the boy took the pooch home to adopt. He also gave the dog some food and water before letting it rest inside their home.

The animal lover teen said: ‘The dog had been crying since morning and a lot of my neighbours felt pity but they could not go down. When the rain was lighter I rushed down to help and moved fast.’