Dogs bark ferociously when gate is closed… but whimper tamely at each other when it is opened


This is the hilarious moment two dogs barked ferociously at each from either side of a gate – but whimpered softly when it was opened.

The two-year-old pooches, named Hemanth and Mintra, were squaring up to each other outside their home in Rayong, eastern Thailand.

They nipped each other through the gaps and barked angrily like they were about to tear into each other’s flesh, safe in the knowledge that the gate was protecting them.

However, when the obstacle was removed they looked at each other meekly and whimpered like tame little puppies.

Amusingly, they then started barking again menacingly as soon as owner Thanyaphat Chompoo closed the gate again on January 16.

Confused pet parent Thanyaphat said: ‘Hemanth and Mintra couldn’t keep their mouths shut, they kept on fighting. But when I gave them a chance to bite at each other, they just wouldn’t do it. They were only brave when something was protecting them.’

The two brown dogs are Aspin breeds and live together with the family.