Shocked hotel staff find two monitor lizards mating in pond


Hotel staff were shocked after finding two monitor lizards mating in a garden pond.

The worker walked out to the garden after cleaning one of the rooms when she noticed the reptile couple at the luxury resort in Krabi province on July 22.

The giant lizards appeared to be wrestling each other while standing on their two hind legs pushing each other but they were really locked in a mating ritual.

Receptionist Aom Prae said: ‘I thought this is not something people get to see every day so I recorded them. They continued to hug each other tightly even after I made noises.

‘The lizards would run away when it senses the presence of a foreign visitor but I guess they must be used to being around hotel employees.’

After causing a scene, the reptiles spent around 20 minutes wrestling each other in the middle of a pond before releasing each other and scampering out of sight. 

The worker informed her colleagues about the animals in case they showed up again in the area after her shift so they would be alert.