Talented motorcycle rider carries tray of fruit on his head

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bw4lfrz94kfm56q/VRP52508.mp4?dl=0

A talented motorcycle rider carried a tray of mangosteen skewers on his head.

Prasit Kabuanpon, 52, could be seen riding his two-wheeler while balancing a metal tray filled with fruit on his head in Songkhla province, southern Thailand on August 6.

The peddler rides with 80 mangosteen skewers on his head in the morning which sell out fast before lunchtime so he goes out with another batch in the afternoon.

He said he used to hold the tray back when he used to sell cashews while riding but after six years of practice, he managed to ride the motorcycle at ease without touching any part of the tray. 

The talented man said: ‘I used to hold the tray but when I ride and hold the tray for a long time, my arms start to ache so I tried riding without holding them and it worked.’

Before the mangosteen skewer business, Prasit used to sell honey roasted cashews but when Covid-19 hit last year he switched to selling the exotic fruit to reduce costs and his customers loved the product.

Each stick costs only 20 baht which were popular among adults who loved exotic fruits and parents who wanted their children to eat healthy snacks.