Thai protesters target office of health minister amid anger at Covid-19 handling


Anti-government protesters targeted the office of the country’s health minister during unrest in Bangkok, Thailand, today (August 10).

Footage shows demonstrators pouring mock blood at the entrance of the Sino-Thai Tower where the party of Anutin Charnvirakul – who blamed ‘dirty foreigners’ at the start of the pandemic – is based.

They also left white dolls at the entrance to symbolise those who have been killed by the virus from China.

Anger at the regime – which seized power with a military coup in 2014 – has grown in recent years sparking mass protests.

Activists are demanding new elections, the prime minister to resign and a new constitution with ‘more democracy’.

Ministers say the unrest is being fuelled by disaffected opposition and exiled politicians such as former Man City owner Thaksin Shinawatra to encourage anarchists and youth groups to cause violence.

Thailand has recorded 795,951 Covid-19 cases and 6,588 deaths as of August 10 – with cases rising dramatically since April. Ministers have banned gatherings of more than five people and rolled out a 9pm curfew in the worst-hit regions.

The ‘car mob’ rallies are the latest tactic being used by protest groups, who also carried yellow rubber ducks and water guns last year.