Abandoned female chimpanzee from Iran transfers to sanctuary in Kenya ‘to learn how to be an ape’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7oynb1061lgc2y7/VRP52723.mp4?dl=0

An abandoned female chimpanzee from Iran that has lived with humans all her life was transferred to a sanctuary in Kenya ‘to learn how to be an ape.’

The four-year-old chimp Baran was taken to the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Laikipia country after caretakers feared that her isolation from other apes could have bad effects on her health.

She was born prematurely so her mother was unable to properly take care of her leaving her to grow up with zookeepers.

After being nursed to health, vets tried to return her to her real family but they rejected her as well as the rest of the monkey troop.

A spokesman for Eram Zoo said: ‘Chimpanzees are social creatures who must live in their social groups to acquire the necessary skills for a healthy and natural social life.’

Zoo director Parviz Ghandali added: ‘Although Eram Zoo was able to save Baran, it was decided that she needs to be transferred to the international chimpanzee care centre in Kenya because she can live better with necessary facilities and environment.’

A farewell party was held for the young chimp at the Iranian zoo before she was sent to Kenya attended by animal welfare group members and representatives of the Iranian Embassy and the Kenya Wildlife Service.

She would be in quarantine for three months before joining the other animals at the sanctuary.