Curious cat jumps in cupboard but gets locked inside when owner unknowingly closes door


A curious cat jumped into a cupboard to look for food – only to be trapped when its owner unknowingly closed it with the cat inside.

CCTV footage shows how the owner was preparing food and left the door open in Chonburi province, Thailand, on January 14.

When she started to leave the kitchen, the curious cat hopped into the compartment.

Unaware of her pet cat hiding, owner, Nantacha, pushed the cupboard shut and took out the keys.

Luckily, Nantacha’s pets witnessed the incident and they gathered around the cupboard.

When Nantacha entered the room again, she found her pets crowding over the locker.

With curiosity, Nantacha checked the locker and finally discovered that her beloved cat was trapped.

She said: ‘If I was more careful, things like this wouldn’t have happened. I almost lost my cat.’