Hungry wild monkeys raid farm to steal food in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a gang of more than 100 starving monkeys raided a farm in Thailand.

The adult and baby monkeys – which are normally fed by tourists – raced to grab chunks of corn to eat in Nakhon Ratchasima province on January 18.

The villagers could only watch from afar as the creatures ravaged their crops.

One of the farmers said he did not dare to stop the animals as they were too many and could become aggressive.

He said: ‘It would be impossible to stop all of them and dangerous, too. One monkey is enough to harm people if it wants too.

‘Imagine having to stop more than a hundred hungry monkeys. So we just let them eat the crops.’

As the farm is close to the national park, other animals such as elephants, cattle, and bulls, have raided the area before to search for food.

The monkey gang emerged from the Khao Phaeng Ma Non-Hunting Area and Khao Yai National Park where they lived.

They used to be fed with snacks by tourists but due to the pandemic, there were fewer visitors to give them food.

Some of the animals have also taken over the road appearing to move to the next place while carrying their babies when they have finished eating corn.

The devastated farmers sought help from local government agencies so they can be compensated for the crops and prevent the incident from happening again.