Chinese man arrested after running naked along subway tracks


A Chinese man was arrested after running naked across a train track in the Philippines.

The unknown 27-year-old foreigner was waiting in the inspection queue along with other passengers when he suddenly removed his clothes and jumped down from the platform in Mandaluyong City on August 12.

Security staff chased the man across the tracks while confused passengers watched from a distance as they headed towards the Shaw Boulevard station.

After almost 15 minutes, the foreigner was caught and handed over to the police station where the management filed an ‘alarm and scandal’ complaint against him.

MRT-3 officer-in-charge Assistant Secretary Eymar Eje said: ‘He suddenly removed his clothes, then ran and jumped towards the tracks heading Shaw Boulevard station.

‘Four station security personnel in Boni chased the said passenger and alerted security personnel at Shaw Boulevard station.’

Onlooker Panda Preecs said that he saw the man at the checking bag counter before he suddenly appeared panicking.

He said: ‘I saw him at the check bag counter but the police stopped him. The policeman dragged his suit and he suddenly threw all the belongings inside.

‘Then a few minutes while waiting for the train, I saw him again running and being chased by the police. I think the man is confused or lost.’

No one was hurt in the incident and investigations are still ongoing. Authorities were withholding his identity in case he was suffering from a mental illness which was yet to be determined.