Rescue team capture four-meter-long cobra in family’s house


This is the heart-stopping moment animal rescuers battled a 13ft-long deadly cobra in Thailand.

The venomous snake sparked panic after it was spotted in a resident’s backyard in Phang Nha province on January 20.

Tonapol Butrmee, the local reptile catcher, quietly walked to the back of the house to avoid startling the snake.

However, the reptile hid inside the house owner’s farm equipment upon sensing people approaching.

The professional snake wrangler used a pole to lure it out of the steel machine and within a few moments, the snake had emerged.

It was aggressive and appeared to be waiting for the right moment to attack the animal rescuer, but Tonapol immediately threw a piece of white fabric on its head.

The snake tried to escape into the garden, but the rescuers had it cornered using the cloth and grabbed it with bare hands.

Tonapol pinned the snake’s head and carried it outside of the property to measure it.

The rescuer said that snakes are in their mating season so everyone should be careful.

He said: ‘I’ve been catching snakes at eight districts in Phang-nga so I know how to handle them properly.

‘But if it is your first time to see one, even if it is small, you should call for help.’

He placed the snake into a sack before driving away with it to release the animal into the forest.