Waterspout forms near pier where yacht docks in the Philippines

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ft3766dt2fy8z6/VRP53899.mp4?dl=0

This is the terrifying moment a waterspout formed near a pier where a yacht was docked in the Philippines.

The giant weather phenomenon was seen extending from the dark clouds to the water off the coast of Pagbilao, Quezon province on August 10.

Just as the whirlpool was gaining size, a yacht had just arrived at the pier where passengers were immediately asked to disembark.

The boat was then taken away from the area while the waterspout moved the opposite way heading in the direction of Albay Gulf where it was also spotted by locals.

Boat crew Eric Dalwampo said: ‘It was the first time we have seen a waterspout. It was amazing and frightening at the same time.

‘It moved very fast but fortunately, it was heading away from us or it could have hit part of the pier. We were relieved that veryone was safe.’

After almost 10 minutes, the waterspout dissipated but it brought heavy downpour with strong winds in the area for the entire day. There was no damage reported.

Waterspouts are intense columns of swirling tornado clouds that form over a body of water. They are most commonly found in subtropical areas and disappear shortly after they come into contact with land.

They are formed when pockets of warm air near the water surface rise suddenly. Cooler air is then sucked into the low-pressure air, which picks up water and rises towards the clouds in a rotating motion.