Hungry wild monkeys storm into shop in Thailand


This is the moment a gang of hungry wild monkeys stormed into a shop in Thailand.

Dozens of primates were seen desperately searching a mechanic spare parts shop for edibles but without success in Lopburi province on August 12.

To calm the starving animals down, the kind shop owner bought some snacks and juice from a nearby store to distribute to the herd.

Footage shows the monkeys overrunning the shop before a man carrying a plastic bag with sweets arrived to give them snacks.

Shop assistant Nong Supaporn said: ’Our boss really liked monkeys and believed they were lucky. He has a pet monkey that lived with him and takes to the shop.

‘When the wild monkeys arrived, he gave them some food because they appeared to be starving. He felt bad for the animals.’

The group of monkeys eventually left the shop and moved to search for food in other parts of the village. Local officials were also informed of the herd roaming the area.

Lopburi, around 95 miles north of the capital Bangkok, has a large population of wild monkeys that roam the streets and buildings. Locals believe they are lucky and pay respect to them with a festival every year.

However, the monkeys have often gone hungry and become increasingly aggressive since the pandemic started with tourists were unable to visit the country to feed the animals.