Furious American woman rages on train after being ordered to ‘wear mask properly’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ttg35eoe1nwsva/VRP5425.mp4?dl=0

An American woman flew into a rage inside a train carriage after a passenger asked her to wear her mask properly in Taiwan.

The unidentified woman boarded the train bound for Taichung when she allegedly coughed while the mask drooped beneath her nose on January 17.

Other commuters asked her to wear it properly but the defiant woman allegedly refused and started shouting at them instead. She was speaking English and had an American accent.

Onlooker Rex Huang said the commotion became heated when the woman shouted ‘f**k’ at the back of the train.

He said: ‘She refused to wear it and cursed at the people while raising her voice. She said she doesn’t speak Mandarin and spoke to everyone in English.’

A train conductor approached to intervene and requested her to fix the mask but without success.

She continued ranting about her alleged health condition saying: ‘If I wear it too much, I cough. I didn’t do anything illegal.’

The conductor said he would allow her to take the mask off if she was uncomfortable, but told her she would have to stay inside the nursing room.

She stood up and went to check the room, but returned to her seat after seeing ‘it was a confined space.’

The distressed woman only calmed down upon seeing police officers waiting at the platform as they approached Zhunan Station.

She voluntarily alighted the train upon arriving but the conductor announced on the public address system: ‘We will soon arrive at Zhunan. Requesting assistance. We refuse to carry this passenger.’

The woman, who was still not been identified, was approached by the officers on the platform but it was unknown whether she was escorted out of the station or allowed to board the next train.