Gold-covered luxury doughnuts being sold in Thai shopping mall for £100


A bakery in Thailand is selling luxury doughnuts covered in real gold flakes.

Staff bake the fresh snacks every day before delivering them to stalls in shopping malls in Bangkok.

The dough is made from French Choux pastry infused with expensive Cristal champagne, which costs at around 200 GBP a bottle.

The doughnuts are drenched in Madagascar vanilla bean, which is white and lightly-sweet, before being covered in edible 24-karat gold flakes.

Finished gold doughnuts have been selling for 4,000 Thai Baht (around 100 GBP). Staff said they sell around 10 a day.

A spokesman from the Karrat bakery, which makes the doughnuts, said they wanted to be known as a luxury company where customers can buy high-end gifts.

He said: ‘The gold doughnuts are luxurious items for customers to give as gifts or to indulge themselves.’

Customers can call the company to pre-order the doughnuts and then pick them up on the store the next day.