Randy escaped pig humps motorcycle refusing to let owner ride away

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2x37cbzgfmlwzs/VRP54394.mp4?dl=0

This is the bizarre moment a randy pig was found humping a motorcycle – refusing to let the owner ride away.

The four-year-old pet escaped from a neighbour’s house and wandered into a family’s garage appearing to be interested in a parked black and red scooter in Khon Kaen province, northeastern Thailand on August 14.

It then began trying to mate with the two-wheeler before the scooter’s shocked owner discovered what the animal was doing and tried to stop it without success.

With the help of the man’s wife, he tried to push the creature away but it only became more violent and made an attempt to bite them for interrupting its humping session.

The rider’s wife Napassanon Sena said: ‘My husband and I pushed it and even hit it with a broom but the pig just wouldn’t stop. It tried to bite us.’

The pig eventually ran away after being chased out by concerned neighbours who came to help Napassanon and her husband.

Napassanon filed a report at a police station and was surprised to find that the same pig had been humping and destroying different objects in the area. 

However, the pig’s owner refused to pay for the damages and gave reasons for not having enough money. The couple ended up paying for the scooter’s repair themselves. 

The disappointed housewife said: ‘I want the pig’s owner to learn how to take responsibility for his own pet and I want relevant agencies to take care of this issue as this pig has been a big troublemaker in the area for a long time.’