Driver swerves to avoid dog and spins out of control crashing into fire station


This is the moment a driver swerved to avoid a dog but spun out of control and crashed into a fire station.

The silver sedan was about to pass by the building when a stray pooch suddenly tried to cross a road in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on August 11.

The startled driver evaded the dog but the car ended up nearly hitting an electric post and lost control as he swerved off the road.

The vehicle then drifted to the dirt track and slammed into the fire station where a truck was parked.

Fire officer Top Saengthong said: ‘The car did not hit the truck because it slammed onto the garage post first which nearly collapsed.

‘Most of our colleagues were also out on a rescue mission so no one was stationed there when the crash happened.’

The driver was also not seriously hurt but his car had to be towed to a nearby mechanic for repairs as its engine was damaged from the impact.

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing and the driver promised to pay for the repair of the station. 

The dog was also safe and the officers took it to a nearby animal shelter to avoid getting into accidents with cars passing by the road in the future.