Girl, 9, is best friends with pet chicken she can make sleep and wake up


A nine-year-old girl is best friends with a chicken which she can make fall asleep.

Juthamas Phongcharoen raised the five-month-old black female bird since it was only a chick in their home in Phayao province, Thailand.

Her family noticed that the chicken was tame and intelligent so they let the girl keep the animal in their bedroom like a pet dog.

Now the duo even sleeps beside each other and the creature does what it was told and even copies how the girl sleeps.

The girl’s mother Kulphaya Ruenwong said: ‘She was my only daughter and had no siblings so she wanted a pet as a playmate.

‘However, when the chick hatched from one of our hens she took a liking to it and asked us to take it inside the house. They had an instant connection.’

Aside from sleeping together, the duo would play inside the house. The chicken is also well behaved and never makes a mess.

Proud mother Kulphaya added: ‘I believe the chicken is a special creature. I am glad that my daughter took care of it. What an amazing friendship.’