Locals stage anti Taliban protest in Asadabad, Afghanistan

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjx5htapis07v1k/VRP54867.mp4?dl=0

Locals in Asadabad City in Afghanistan staged an anti-Taliban protest on August 18 – just days after the Taliban took over the country.

A crowd was seen gathering in the middle of a road in the capital city of Kunar province, triumphantly waving several Afghan flags while cars passed by.

Similar demonstrations have sprung up in the cities of Asadabad and Khost, where Taliban flags were taken down.

The protests were met with violence. In Jalalabad, a dozen people were injured while three reportedly died when Taliban guards opened fire on the rallyists.

The Taliban, in its press conference on August 17, had earlier called for peace and an end to conflict.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said: ‘We don’t want to repeat any conflict anymore again. We want to do away with the factors for conflict. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate does not have any kind of hostility or animosity with anybody; animosities have come to an end and we would like to live peacefully.’

He added: ‘We don’t want any internal enemies and any external enemies.’